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Step 1: Marriage Tax

Are you married or in a UK registered Civil Partnership?

Have you submitted a claim for Marriage Tax Allowance?

Step 2: Uniforms Rebate

Do you wear a uniform to work?

Have you submitted a claim for Uniform Tax Allowance?

Step 3: Membership Tax

Do you have any Professional Membership Fees or Subscriptions for your job?

Have you submitted a claim for Subscription Tax Allowance?

Step 4: Business Miles Rebate

Do you use your own personal vehicle for business mileage?

Have you submitted a claim for Mileage Tax Allowance?

Step 5: Work From Home

Have you worked from home in the last four years

Have you submitted a claim for Working from Home Tax Allowance?

Step 6: PAYE Tax Check

Have you changed Employer two or more times in the last four years?

Have you submitted a claim for a PAYE Check?

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